Value-added Service

1. House calls for free cleaning and maintenance

If the instrument bought from Euroasia Company and is maintained as the user manual proposed, the customer could enjoy the Euroasia house calls for free cleaning and maintenances, including instrument surface cleaning; software/firmware upgrades; battery maintenance and activation; cable reinforcement , welding; Suggestions on  emergency plan of the field operating instruments; battery maintenance tips, battery charge discharge methods.

2. Telephone consultation or on-site support from EA tech experts

Eurasiatechnical experts are the very prestigious Survey experts, scholars and professionals and who has profound theoretical and practical experience in the survey instruments and application program. They can provide technical advice on projects of:

  •      GPS Application – Trimble GPS solutions consulting and project feasibility studies.
  •       Total Station Application – The latest measurement methods and project case study of Trimble total station in different fields.
  •      Equipment maintenance – Guidance on Trimble instrument troubleshooting, and equipment use and maintenance considerations.

3. Survey software tailored to accommodate your specific requirements

Euroasia provide Survey software tailored to accommodate your specific requirements, and the free tech consultation of the instrument supporting software.

4. VIP special activities and surprises

We will invite you to attend various activities like tech seminar, lectures, sports, entertainment, customer discussion, etc. The VIP customers could also participate in the “Eurasia VIP appreciation warranty Draw” to win a digital camera and more gifts

5. Offers to purchase up to five years of “extended warranty ” package

When the instrument is out of warranty period, according to the instrument’s status and age, you can optionally purchase “extended warranty “package, with a smaller investment to enjoy the same service as in the warranty period.