Drain Pipe Inspection System

Our Drain Pipe Inspection System-BHPIPE is self-developed Drain Pipe Inspection System serving for Smart City.

It consists of drain pipe system and mobile drain pipe inspection car which carries multiple sensors and inspection equipment in order to inspect the problem in drain pipes quickly, navigate fast and diagnose efficiently.

Geographic information technology, GPS navigation technics, wireless communication technology, video processing technics and distributed data storage technology are used to manage the drain pipe system. 4G/3G network  is used for real time data transmission to maintain the fast response for drain pipe problems.

Drain Pipe Inspection System Introduction

system introduction

Drain Pipe Inspection Car

drain pipe inspection car

CCTV Drain Pipe Robot

CCTV Drain Pipe Robot

SONAR system

SONAR system

Drain Pipe Periscope

Drain Pipe Inspection Lidar

Case Study-What can the system do

Drain Pipe in Jiangbei District is as long as 500km.

Long-term lagged labor and little technology-based inspection of drain pipe problems made basic data incomplete.

Therefore, the smart drain pipe inspection system is needed.


Purpose: Know drain pipes in Jiangbei District clearly and build general drain pipe inspection management system

1、Base on GIS management system of  Jiangbei  drain pipe

2、Use  Lidar inspection car and CCTV  tunnel robot to inspect the condition of the drain pipe system