Trimble Gatewing X100

Map your projects with confidence

The Trimble Gatewing X100 is designed for mapping and surveying professionals looking for a reliable and straightforward mapping solution. This system offers an advanced solution for your everyday mapping projects.

Create your own orthophotos and DSMs

The X100 is the professional tool to create your own geospatial data products. These are digital surface models and orthophoto mosaics in visible light (default camera) or composite infrared light (CIR camera). The products are available in different quality levels.

Fast & accurate results

The X100 is aimed at users needing extremely accurate and fast results. The point cloud density and accuracy that can be obtained is comparable to LiDAR results with a planimetric accuracy (XY plane) of 5 cm and a height accuracy (Z axis) of 10 cm at default altitude of 150 m.



Safe & cost-effective mapping

The X100 has been designed with the focus on safety resulting in a 2 kg system with a shock-absorbing structure powered by electric propulsion. Furthermore the X100 operates at low altitude, is automated from launch to landing and if needed you can safely land the system at any time thanks to the built-in fail-safe procedures.


Easy operation & fully automatic flights

The strength of the system is that flights are conducted in a fully automated manner, from launch to landing. No piloting skills are required to fly the X100. Instead, you merely facilitate the aircraft’s operation, which includes selecting the area to be covered and indicating a takeoff and landing spot. Simply plan the area that needs to be scanned based on the easy-to-use software wizard, launch the device and let the X100 cover the pre-defined area.


Aerial mapping in your hands

The X100 packs some amazing technology in a 2 kg platform with a wingspan of only 100 cm. This makes it easy to carry and use it anywhere. You’re no longer dependent on limiting factors such as cloud cover, availability of plane photogrammetry or a satellite to be in the right place. Now you can simply start mapping your everyday projects at any time!