Eagle Aerocartograph System

Standard model which could be customized


  • *UAV body material: Carbon composite
  • *Flight control: Either by remote control or autonomous flight control by CSG Planner navigation system
  • *Airborne equipment : HD sports video camera, digital camera , multi-spectra camera , 3D laser scanning system and infrared thermal imager
  • *Body Weight:259g
  • *Flight time: 70min
  • *Eagle FD-2000 is able to generate aerial images 5cm accuracy even there is no ground control point
  • *Eagle FD-2000 integrates accurate time measuring technology and RTK to determine the position of each image thus makes the position of each image the same function as ground control point. The both horizontal and vertical could reach centimeter  accuracy.

Base Station

  • *Consist of military-reinforced computer system, receiver and antenna
  • *It is able to work 5 hours
  • *Base station can receive real-time video and flight data.
  • *People can do auto-pilot fight planning and analyze data with base station
  • * Remote control distance is 5km

UAV post-processing Software

The software is now the only one processing UAV data and aerial images automatically, fast and with high accuracy  in the market.


1.Types of output: DOM,DEM, compatible with software such as AutoCAD and other GIS software
2.Support different accuracies: It is able to supply either high or low accuracy data according to the requirement of the customers
3.Ground control point: In order to improve the accuracy  it is recommended that several ground control points with high accuracy should be input

Main Features

1.It is able to do mosaic ,uniform color
2.It is able to rectify image distortion, and make the image look like satellite image with geographical coordinates
3.No need to do camera calibration
4.Overlap higher than 60% of adjacent images is not needed as traditional aerial surveying
5. It is able to generate 2D maps,3D maps , DOM and DEM automatically with often-used formats, the output can be displayed in any professional GIS and RS software