Handheld Computers with GNSS

Trimble GNSS handhelds combine a GNSS receiver with a field computer powered by a Windows Mobile® operating system, along with a range of features and accessories for the entire field workforce

Integrated systems for professional data collection

Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 series

True GIS productivity means the accuracy you need, anywhere you need it. With Trimble Floodlight technology inside, the GeoExplorer 6000 series delivers in tough GNSS conditions

Trimble GeoExplorer 5 Series

With the essential functionality inside, trust the Trimble Geo 5T handheld and Trimble software to deliver the efficient, reliable GIS data collection solution you can trust.

Ultra compact and designed for everyday field


Trimble Juno 5 series

A professional smartphone-inspired handheld for geospatial workflows, the Trimble Juno 5 series together with Trimble software, is the smart solution your team can trust for standardizing inspections and asset management.

Trimble Juno 3 series

Now, everyone can have professional grade GPS. Rugged and lightweight with a range of tools for everyday use.

Trimble Juno SD

The Juno® SD handheld is a durable, lightweight handheld that integrates an array of powerful features.

Trimble Juno SA

The Juno® SA handheld* is a durable, compact field computer with an integrated high-yield GPS receiver, ideal for asset management and inspection applications.

Powerful ultra-rugged computing

Nomad G series handheld

Feature-packed high performance handhelds for GIS applications

Yuma 2 rugged tablet computer

Ultra-rugged tablet computer for the mobile worker.