Trimble R8

Trimble R8 GNSS System – The Industry Leading Total GNSS Solution

Powerful 440 channel solution with Trimble 360 technology delivers the most advanced satellite tracking.

The Trimble® R8 GNSS system has long set the bar for advanced GNSS surveying systems. Through advanced Trimble 360 tracking technology and a comprehensive set of communication options integrated into a flexible system design, this integrated GNSS system delivers industry-leading performance in a rugged, compact unit.

  • Comprehensive support for all GNSS constellations and augmentation systems included as standard.
  • Flexible wireless communication options for connecting to the controller, receiving RTK/network corrections and connecting to the internet.
  • Web user interface and remote configuration.
  • Pair with Trimble Access and the Trimble TSC3, Trimble Tablet or Trimble CU for the industry leading field solution.

Trimble 360 Technology – Future Proof Your Investment

Powerful Trimble 360 receiver technology integrated in the Trimble R8 supports signals from all existing and planned GNSS constellations and augmentation systems providing unmatched GNSS tracking performance. With this leading-edge technology, it is now possible for surveyors to expand the reach of their GNSS rovers into areas that were previously too obscured, such as under trees and in dense urban areas. Designed with the future in mind, Trimble 360 technology is optimized to receive future planned signals as the number of available satellites continues to grow. With Trimble 360 technology, the Trimble R8 delivers business confidence with a sound GNSS investment for today and long into the future.

More details are available on the Trimble R8 datasheet.