Trimble R7

Trimble R7 – The Total Modular Solution

The Trimble R7 offers a  comprehensive GNSS support in a rugged, modular design that employs an external  GNSS antenna for greater flexibility.   Trimble R-Track technology in the receiver supports L2C and L5 GPS, plus  GLONASS. Use the Trimble R7 for RTK or static surveying, or in a Trimble VRS™ infrastructure network. Employing a separate antenna, the modular  Trimble R7 enables flexibility – choose from the Trimble Zephyr™ 2 for a rover  solution or the Zephyr Geodetic™ 2 for a base station solution. The Trimble R7 is ideal for multiple surveying applications, including topographic,  cadastral, and control.


  • Advanced, modular  72-channel system configuration
  • Trimble R-Track satellite tracking technology
  • External high power UHF radio provides the  flexibility to be used on the pole or as a base station
  • Select from the Zephyr-2 GNSS antenna or the  Zephyr-2 GNSS Geodetic antenna
  • Partner with Trimble Access and the TSC3  controller

More details are available on the Trimble R7 datasheet.