Trimble CX

  • Designed for performance in industrial environments
  • WAVEPULSE™ technology that maintains high accuracy over operating range (80m)
  • Clean, low-noise data
  • Data capture 50,000 points per second
  • Large 360° x 300° field of view
  • Supported by Trimble Access for Spatial Imaging running on the Trimble Tablet
  • Streamlined integration with Trimble RealWorks


With WAVEPULSE technology that provides high accuracy over the range of operation and color capture, the Trimble CX is a flexible suitable for many applications.

  • Industrial Facilities: Capture accurate as-built documentation of a facility for redesign and revamp projects or for updating existing plant documentation in 3D.
  • Oil storage tanks: Capture high accurate and detailed 3D data for tank inspection and calibration.  The Trimble CX is certified to produce accurate volume filling tables for large scale oil storage tanks.
  • Surveying: Capture high resolution data for topographical maps, generating 2D and 3D CAD views, measure distances, areas, and volumes.
  • Inspection/Reverse Engineering: Extract measurements and create 3D models when there is no existing CAD data available.  Perform detailed inspections and comparisons to existing models, surfaces and point clouds.
  • Crime Scene & Forensic: Quickly and thoroughly document accident and crime scenes including color for real world visualization
  • Building Information Modeling – BIM: Efficiently capture As-built and As-Is conditions for MEP or Structures contractors working on virtual design and construction (BIM) projects

Features & Benefits

Key Features

WAVEPULSE technology combining pulse and phase measurement principles
Efficient data capture through less setups.  Contributes to increased safety in industrial environments through less setups and exposure time.

Range 0.5m – 80m (1.6 – 262 ft)
Short range allows for data capture in congested areas while WAVEPULSE technology ensures that accurate data can be obtained over the operating range.

IP 54 Environmental Rating
Reliable operation even in difficult environments.  Built for use in real world environments.

Integration with Trimble Access on the Trimble Tablet
Intuitive, easy to learn software running on the rugged Trimble Tablet platform allows you to quickly adopt 3D scanning into your business. Ability to follow a survey workflow of measuring backsight and foresight targets allows data to be combined in the field, which provides real time verification that the correct data was captured prior to leaving the job site. Obtain confidence that you have all the data you need and avoid costly site visits to capture additional information.

Certified for tank storage calibration
The Trimble CX solution is certified by the Germany Office of Metrology for producing highly accurate volume filling tables used for oil tank calibration. Increase productivity and accuracy by utilizing 3D scanning for tank inspection and calibration surveys.

Technical Specs