Backed by a legacy of GNSS technology and surveying expertise, Trimble provides surveyors with reliable GNSS survey solutions that meet their distinct requirements. Whether you need the cable-free convenience   provided by Trimble integrated systems, the flexibility of Trimble modular systems, or  the simplicity of handheld point measurement, Trimble has a solution for you.

Total Station

The precision optics and robotics of Trimble total stations are paired with the streamlined workflows, innovative training and in-field support services as part of the Trimble Connected Site. With the performance to maximize productivity today, and the scalability to continue adapting to new challenges and opportunities into the future, surveyors around the world trust Trimble optical solutions.


The Trimble® TSC3 controller with Trimble Access™ software is a groundbreaking handheld field computing solution that streamlines the flow of everyday surveying work and the number of devices you need in the field.

Easy horizontal level, grade and vertical plumb setup with no manual leveling. Payback due to easy setups with the 2-way radio remote control, and single and dual grade application capability. Temperature and grade compensation eliminates rework. Long operating range of 600m (800m for GL422) diameter increases machine control capability and reduces setups over the jobsite.

Expedite data processing and streamline surveying workflows with your choice of surveying office solutions to best fit your needs. Completely integrated systems unlock the power of the Connected Site™ so you can efficiently analyze your data and create your client deliverables.