Company Profile

Euroasia Group, established for two decades, is a corporation that focuses on surveying and mapping and digital China as its core business. The brand has become a leader in surveying and mapping since its establishment.

Starting from 2008, Euroasia is the exclusive dealer representing U.S. Trimble Navigation Company to develop her business in Hong Kong and Macao. She has committed herself to providing advanced technology/products to people in China via her network. Together with Trimble, Euroasia has taken an honorable step moving towards the development of digital surveying. Nowadays, her surveying business has deeply involved in ship-building, extensive land-surveying, reference station network construction and nuclear-power station construction, harbour mechanical positioning, tunnel and bridge monitoring, water transport-channel improvement and dam deformation monitoring…etc.

Recently we have planned the new product promotion program of the supreme R10 GNSS receiver which is compatible with the COMPASS (Beidou).